Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 13 Highlights: Shivaji Wins The Immunity Power

This is the second Saturday in the house on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 13. The review is a regular tradition for the Saturday episode, and Nagarjuna made a dramatic entrance. As always, Nag looks utterly handsome in his new outfit.

Shout It Out In The Ear

Amardeep, Shivaji, and Shakeela have been chosen as the final three competitors for the job. Bigg Boss assigned them a fascinating challenge.

The three candidates were instructed to speak as loudly as they could into the huge ear that Bigg Boss kept outside the yard. The loudest shouter will be declared the winner.

Nagarjuna announces Shivaji as the winner of the task

Immediately after speaking with them, the residents of the residence graciously expressed their wishes to Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna announced the challenge winner before starting the proceedings, and after a brief moment of suspense, he revealed that Shivaji was the winner. He received four weeks of immunity in the house and is the second confirmed housemate.

King’s Meter Review

On the stage, a wheeler with the colors red, yellow, and green is there. First, Shivaji received a green for his outstanding work and a red for his repeated promises to leave the residence, according to Nagarjuna.

Amar received a “green” for his outstanding performance from Nagarjuna, who also advised him to keep up the good work and wished him luck for the future. Regarding the monologue he used for Prashanth at the nominations, Nagarjuna spoke with Amar. He claimed that Prashanth was employed as a farmer and that he would donate money to the farmer if he were to become richer. This was his choice, and he was free to do anything he wanted with the extra cash.

Sandeep Master was given a pass by Nagarjuna for his poise as a Sanchalak, and Nagarjuna issued a gentle caution to protect his astra. He would have lost his power if he had lost the astra for longer than two hours.

In response to Gautam’s performance as captain, Nagarjuna handed him a Red, expressed displeasure with the way Gautam managed the team, and also brought up his dispute with Yawar. Gautam, according to Nagarjuna, lacks the authority to determine whether Yawar built his body naturally or with steroids. Yawar declared that he is willing to submit to whatever tests required to demonstrate that he developed his body naturally. Gautam was instructed by Nagarjuna to remove his shirt and reveal his physique. Gautam was queried by Nagarjuna whether or not steroids were used to create his body. For Gautam, this has been a difficult week. However, tensions between Gautam and Yawar subsided.

Prashanth received praise from Nagarjuna for his performance and was advised to keep it up. However, Nagarjuna was dissatisfied with the manner he had handled the plant. He was given another chance by Nagarjuna to care for a different plant. Nagarjuna will stop referring to him as the farmer’s son if he fails.

Red was given to Priyanka by Nagarjuna for her absence and improper participation in the game.

Yawar received a Green for his outstanding performance and significant effort in the game from Nagarjuna. He commended him for playing well and advised him to keep playing and work hard if he wanted to succeed.

Rathika is the target of Nagarjuna’s wrath, and he handed her Red in retaliation for her lack of participation and improper performance in the game. Rathika’s description of his teammates as buffoons infuriated Nagarjuna, and he didn’t appreciate it at all. For Rathika, this is not good at all.

Subhasree received a Red from Nagarjuna for her absence and complete lack of participation in the game. She was commended by Nagarjuna for stealing the Mayastra.

The same thing occurred with Damini as well, and Shobha Shetty’s performance plainly dissatisfied Nagarjuna. He wished for her to excel at the game.

Tasty Teja received a Red from Nagarjuna for napping nonstop at home and not taking part in the game at all.

Eliminated Contestant

According to the most recent house rumors, Shakeela has been booted out. We wish her the best of luck in her future undertakings if that is the case.

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