Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 11 Highlights: Intense Action In the House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has reached Day 11 and the participants have already contributed a ton of content. Even the TRP rating is up about 12.8, which is an improvement over the previous season. The house has seen a lot of intriguing things today. Check out today’s events in the house. It’s quite tense.

Update On the Mayastra Task

We are all aware that the Mayastra job has begun in the home, and this game pitted the Ranadhira squad against the Mahabali team. The Ranadhira squad easily won the first game, and the Mahabali team provided some competition in the second game. The job was won by the Ranadhira crew, and they now have access to the Mayastra. As they were successful in the job, Bigg Boss summoned them into the activity area and gave them fidget spinners.

Twist In The Tale

Ulta and Pulta are the focus of Bigg Boss Season 7, however, Bigg Boss added a twist to the story by allowing the losing Mahabali team to choose who advances to the Mayastra challenge. This allows fans to vote for their favorite contestant and help them advance in the competition. Everyone was undoubtedly stunned by this game’s twist; it was extremely unexpected. This astra can both prevent the candidate from being eliminated and grant them immunity for four weeks.

Rathika ended up being a rebel in the game despite the Mahabali choosing her as one of their favorite characters. She disagreed with the viewpoints expressed by her teammates. When Bigg Boss questioned them about their choice, Rathika engaged in self-serving behavior. Rathika stated that she is not a member of the squad and does not wish to compete against the Buffons in this.

She actually prevented the game from continuing, which infuriated everyone in the house. She received angry responses from Shobha Shetty, Amardeep, and others. It seems like Rathika will have a difficult week.

Riddle Of Saptha Samudralu

Bigg Boss offered the housemates a riddle prior to today. It was a puzzle called Saptha Samudralu daatina. Aa Veerdu evaru, Veerudaina aata maristhe pilla kaluva lo munagalsindhe? Evaru Munchindhi? The Munigindhi evary? Chudham cheppukondi. According to our study, Sandeep is the master of the veerudu, and Munchindhi is Subhasree because she took his immunity power. As a result, Sandeep may lose his immunity power of five weeks.

We must wait and watch if Sandeep Master loses his immunity. Sandeep discovered that his power had been cut off just at midnight. He immediately began searching the home for a way to regain his electricity but was unable. Sandeep will have a challenging weekend.

Some Inside Talks

According to recent speculations, the last level of Power Astra hasn’t been completed and the secret room was opened, therefore a double elimination could happen as early as the second week. One will enter the hidden room, and one may choose to remain. Another report is that Ambati Arjun, an actress, will be visiting the residence on Sunday. Watch what transpires in the house over the next few days.

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