Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 12 Highlights: Intense Fights In The House

We will continue the story where we left off yesterday in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 as it has reached Day 12 of the house. We all know that the Ranadhira team won the challenging challenge that took place inside the house, but Bigg Boss added a twist by stating that the Mahabali team would choose which contestants would go to the next round. Watch what transpires inside the house.

Gautam and Yawar Fight In The House

After many disagreements with her teammates, Rathika declared them to be buffoons. Her teammates didn’t like her attitude because she didn’t take her decision and kept putting it off. The entire housemates, not just her squad, experienced negative feelings. Even Sandeep master didn’t budge from his position and persisted in his strategy. Finally, Bigg Boss made a choice, stating that any member of the Mahabali squad might join the Ranadhira team.

The story’s twist was then introduced by Gautam. We all know that Yawar played exceptionally well in the match. He handed Shivaji Yawar’s power instead of keeping it for himself. Yawar yelled at Gautam because she felt awful about it. He claimed that he had been targeted and that he wasn’t playing fairly. Gautam initially attempted to manage things quietly, but even he eventually lost control, and they both started shouting at one another. The altercation continued in such a way that it was personal. Finally, the other residents soothed them.

Yawar broke down in tears due to emotion. He didn’t want to stay inside the house at all; he wanted to leave.

Yawar Vs Sandeep Master

Things in the house finally started to chill off. While the other housemates were preparing meals, Sandeep Master was churning out 25 to 30 rotis every day. Yawar then asked, “Why are you pointing at me?”

Sandeep Master, why are you responding then? I am speaking to everyone in the house. Yawar persisted in raising the topic of conversation, and eventually, Sandeep Master lost his cool and yelled at him for failing to grasp the language.

Sandeep Master Plays The Game

Shivaji and Shakeela were chosen by the Mahabali team to go to the next stage of the Mayastra assignment. Then Bigg Boss gave Sandeep Master the chance to select a different housemate. Everyone anticipated that Sandeep Master would choose Yawar. He added the twist, though, by choosing Amardeep to be the third player in the game.

The game will start tomorrow, and we have another candidate who will be granted immunity as well as an astra (eviction-free pass). See who wins this game now.

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