Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 14 Highlights: Shakeela Is eliminated from the house

Second half of Bigg Boss Telugu season Sunday The housemates graciously welcomed Nagarjuna as he took the platform this time holding an environmentally friendly Vinayaka. The stage had just been lit up by a stunning rendition of the Laka Laka Meekara Lambodhara song from the DevDas movie.

Kattappa and BallalaDeva Cutouts

The game was fairly straightforward; Katappa is the house backstabber and Ballaladeva is the house antagonist.

Shobha selected Gautam as Ballaladeva and Yawar as Katappa.
Rathika was chosen by Gautam to be Katappa and Yawar to be Ballaladeva.
Rathika selected Gautam as Ballaladeva and Teja as Katappa.
Teja selected Shivaji as Ballaladeva and Gautam as Katappa.
Teja was chosen by Shivaji to play Katappa, and Prashanth to play Ballaladeva.
Choosing Teja as Katappa and Shivaji as Ballaladeva, Prashanth
Damini cast Sandeep as Ballaladeva and Subhasree as Katappa.
Sandeep selected Subha as Ballaladeva and Shivaji as Katappa.
Sandeep was chosen by Subhasree as Ballaladeva, and Teja was chosen as Katappa.
Priyanka selected Sandeep as Ballaladeva and Shivaji as Katappa.
Sandeep was selected by Yawar as Katappa and Shivaji as Ballaladeva.
Amar selected Sandeep as Ballaladeva and Gautam as Katappa.
Yawar was Shakeela’s choice for Katappa, and Prashanth was chosen for Ballaladeva.

Yawar was the contestant Nagarjuna protected from nominations in this procedure. He received the emoji of a smile and was spared from elimination.

Guess The Movie Name With the Costume

With the help of the Mahabali and Ranadhira teams, the Bigg Boss show held a fun game. In this game, the teams must identify the movie and hero based solely on the costume. Both the assignment and the luxury budget have been won by the Mahabali team.

Shakeela Eliminated

Shakeela and Teja were the final two contestants to be eliminated. Shakeela was declared out of the house by Nagarjuna after much tension inside the house. She shared an emotional connection with all of the housemates, and they all felt really sad because they kept calling her mama. The competitors actually go through a rollercoaster of emotions. However, nominations will start tomorrow, and Shivaji and Sandeep are the only confirmed housemates as of yet. What surprises does Bigg Boss have in store for us?

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