Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 26 Highlights: Pallavi Prashanth Is The New Housemate

When compared to the previous season, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7’s Day 26 in the house has been one of the most entertaining episodes and seasons yet. No contestants in this season are guaranteed a place in the house; instead, they must earn it. Sandeep, Shivaji, and Shobha Shetty have already moved into the residence. Bigg Boss has now assigned intriguing duties within the house. Check out today’s events in the house.

Subhasree Becomes The Third Contestant

As we saw yesterday, Bigg Boss hosted the Gala event inside the house. All of the housemates looked fantastic for this game. Prashanth and Teja performed yesterday. Amar, Subhasree, Yawar, Gautham, and Priyanka all performed in this episode.

The make-up on Amar was excellent, Subhasree took on the part of the roti maker, Yawar played an elderly man, Gautham played a superhero, Rathika played a chubby Punjabi, and Priyanka played an Indian Harley Quinn. Everyone did a terrific job performing, and they all succeeded in enthralling and entertaining the audience while also making them laugh and grin. Shivaji took pleasure in the game at home.

The judge Shivaji, along with Shobha Shetty and Sandeep, will now select who will win the primary component of the gala event: who will win. The judges then reached a consensus among themselves and declared Subhasree the game’s victor.

Then Amardeep became irate and questioned the judges as to why she had won the gala event. what criteria they used to award her the title of winner. The judges selected her as the winner because they thought her outfit was distinctive and interesting.

Amardeep then became enraged and alleged that they were selecting the winners arbitrarily and displaying prejudice in the house. He quickly left the room and made the decision to spend some time by himself. However, Subhasree took third place in the game and won.

Hold The Astra

The three contestants, Yawar, Prashanth, and Subhasree, have been given an intriguing mission in the house: hold on to the Astra for as long as they can. The winner is whoever manages to keep the astra until the very end. Both the other residents in the home and the other contestants might influence them. The game lasted a very long time in the house because no one wanted to quit. The challenge was eventually cancelled and a new one was given when Bigg Boss admitted defeat.

Balance The Astra

The three contestants must balance the Astra while it is kept on the stick’s edge in this task. The game’s winner is whoever manages to keep the astra balanced until the very end.

Even this game lasted a very long time, and the three of them were fierce competitors. Pallavi Prashanth was made the third permanent resident of the house after Yawar and Subhasree finally lost their Astra and their sense of balance.

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