Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 28 Highlights: Rathika Is Eliminated From The House.

Day 28 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and the house is having a Sunday funday. Yesterday, we witnessed Nagarjuna issuing some severe warnings to the residents of the home. Given that it is Sunday and Funday today, it will be an entertaining show. With the help of a song by Vikram, Nagarjuna made a powerful entrance into the house. He also looked fantastic in the Sunday Funday episode. Watch what transpires inside the house.

Shivaji Asks For Clarification In The House

The game’s status and some of the audience members’ favorite players were discussed by Nagarjuna. As soon as Nagarjuna opened the Mana TV, everyone in the house appeared to be in great shape. Shivaji then got to his feet and questioned why they had removed him from the housemate situation.

Then Nagarjuna revealed that the other residents believed he had a bias against Yawar and Prashanth. Nagarjuna then sought information from the residents once more. As a result of the housemates’ subsequent explanations, it was established that the choice was made without consideration, and Shivaji lost his position as a housemate. Shivaji, however, rose to fame in the eyes of the public after the incident.

Guilty Not Guilty

It was time to protect a housemate from being nominated. Priyanka was shielded from nominations in this saving and is now safe at home.

Pictionary Game

Two teams were formed in the house, and each team had one member draw the title of a movie while the other team members had to guess it. The game will be won by whoever correctly guesses the response. A lot of the candidates drew the dialogue in such an odd way that it made the segment hilarious.

Yawar, Gautham, and Subhasree were protected from nominations throughout this process, and team A—which included Yawar, Prashanth, Amar, Priyanka, and Shobha Shetty—won the pictionary game and the luxury budget in the house.

Rathika Eliminated From the House

Between Rathika and Teja, there was the final showdown. After some anticipation, it was revealed that Rathika had been kicked out of the house. The other residents bid her farewell, and the usual formalities were completed quickly. Watch that episode as well because it is rumored that Geethu asked her some amusing questions in the BB interview. Let us remind you that Shivaji is no longer a housemate in the house as there will be heated nominations tomorrow.

On the following Sunday Funday, everyone is in for a surprise. There are rumors that additional new housemates may move in the next week; if true, the home will become more exciting. Follow us for numerous updates.

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