Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 29 Highlights: Stab In The Vest For The Nominations

The fifth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has begun, and following this week, a lot more intriguing things will take place in the house. given Nagarjuna said, the housemates will undoubtedly be stunned. This week will be particularly fascinating given Rathika was sent out of the home yesterday and Shivaji is no longer a housemate. Since we are already aware of the regular procedure in the huge boss mansion, we must wait and observe what takes place there. Following the eliminations, there are intriguing nominations that get the week started on the right foot. So let’s take a look at what occurred in the home today.

Stab In The Vest For The Nominations

The housemates are required to wear vests for this nomination process, and everyone is required to nominate two persons in the same manner. They must then stab the vest with the knife. The person who receives the most votes will be nominated. Teja gets nominated in this round of nominations while incarcerated and forced to complete all of Gautham’s tasks. Teja must remain in jail alone and perform all tasks until Bigg Boss gives him the go-ahead to go.

Shobha Shetty, Sandeep Master, and Prashanth are not nominated in this round of nominations because they are long-term housemates. This occurred in the House during the nominations.

  • Shivaji nominated Amar and Priyanka
  • Priyanka nominated Yawar, and Shivaji
  • Amar Nominated Shivaji and Yawar
  • Gautham Nominated Amar and Shivaji
  • Subhasree Nominated Amar and Priyanka
  • Teja Nominated Gautham and Subhasree

In this nomination, Shivaji, Amar, and Priyanka received three votes apiece, which is the majority. It is fairly obvious that the housemates are focusing on the top candidates, and in the sixth week, there will undoubtedly be a mental shock for the housemates. We don’t want to immediately provide any spoilers because things in the house are about to get quite fascinating. So give it some time while you enjoy this week’s nominations and assignments. This week, one of them will move into the house as a permanent resident.

Returning to the nominations, Shivaji received a nomination for displaying bias in the house. Priyanka and Amar were recognized mostly for their musical collaboration. Yawar is put forward because of his hostility. These are the main causes for the housemates’ keen observation of one another and highlighting one other’s flaws in the nominations. Things are going to heat up more. Keep checking back for more thrilling episodes.

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