Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 30 Highlights: First Captaincy Task Of The House

Day 30 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is currently one of the most intriguing days in the house. This house is undergoing numerous more changes. We saw the nominations yesterday, and Bigg Boss dealt the contenders a cruel blow. All of the contestants were nominated by Bigg Boss, who also stated that the public would vote to choose who would or would not remain in the house. The episode concluded quickly, and today the competitors will experience another turn of events. Check out what occurred in the house.

Bigg Boss Takes Back The Power Astras

Bigg Boss summoned the contestants and the housemates to the hall and announced that he was reclaiming the power Astras from the residents since everyone would now be treated equally in the home. The residents were then required to return the power Astras to Bigg Boss.

When Sandeep, Prashanth, and Shobha Shetty returned their electricity astras inside the home. Shivaji jumped in delight and made fun of them for returning their astras. This was only the home’s first turn. The home has one more surprise in store for them.

Love Blooming In The House

twists and turns in the midst of the pandemonium. Between Gautham and Subhasree, a slow and steady blossoming of love can be seen. This appears to be the season’s episode on love. The fact that Teja’s jail sentence is over is one more significant event in the home.

First Captaincy Task Of The House

The first captaincy duty of the house is the biggest turn of events for the housemates. The roommates are split into pairs for this game. A large set of boards and a hole filled with tiny sponges are present, and in the middle of everything, there are teeth in the pit.

Yawar and Teja make up the pairs that the housemates are divided into. Shobha and Priyanka. Sandeep and Amar. Prashanth and Shivaji. Subhasree and Gautham. One person from each pair must search for the tooth with the assigned number. One of them must remain close to the board.

When one of them approaches the board carrying a tooth with a number. The other teammate must enter the pit and retrieve the identical tooth-bearing the same number. This is comparable to a relay in a home. Any pair of teeth with an even greater number will be considered a candidate for the skipper position.

One of the partners will undoubtedly win the game while the duty is still ongoing in the home. We shall have our first captain of the house by this Friday. Whoever leads the house will be granted immunity for both this week and the following week.

Both the audience and the housemates are in for many more unexpected happenings. Keep checking back for more interesting updates, audience.

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