Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 89 Highlights: Ambati Arjun Wins The Ticket To Finale Task

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 89 has arrived, and there is a lot going on in the house today. Prashanth won the escape exercise yesterday, followed by Amar winning the guessing assignment and Prashanth winning the balancing job. The points were then equalised between Prashanth and Amar. Because Gowtham has the fewest points in the game, he must transfer 1/4th of his points, or 140 points, to anyone in the house.

Priyanka stated during this choice that since she had given him the points, he must also give the points to Amar. Then Gowtham chose to award the points to Amar. Amar now has 1000 points on the list.

Set The Balls In The Right Order Task

Bigg Boss presented an interesting challenge in the house, which was to arrange the balls in the correct order with the same matching colours. The contestants should not lift the balls and keep them; instead, they should arrange them by swiping here and there. The exercise went pretty well, and Arjun was the one who positioned the balls in the correct order and rang the bell. Then, just as Prashanth was ready to ring the bell, he knocked off the balls, and they all went down. Amar is the second contender to solve the problem. Pallavi Prashanth did not receive a ticket to the final race.

Pulling task

In another task, the three contestants were intertwined. They will be handed flags for this duty, and they must place them in the cones. The challenge will be won by the one who keeps the most flags in the cone.

The contest was one-sided because Arjun was clearly the stronger of the three, and he managed to stuff the most flags inside the cone. Just like Arjun, Pallavi Prashanth gave tough competition, and this was his last chance to do something, but he blew it, and he was out of the race. It was an admirable attempt on his part.

The Final Task

Amar and Arjun faced up in the last bout. In this challenge, there is a large snake-like creature in the house. The contestants must pick up the ball while balancing it on a paddle-like device. They must pick up the ball while balancing it on the paddle and place it in their mouth. The assignment will be won by the person who places the most balls. The job was initially challenging because the candidates were having difficulty balancing the ball. It was made easier for them after they learned it, and in this dramatic last struggle, Arjun won the job and the ticket to the finale task.

One thing we must emphasise is that the ticket to the finals is only valid if he avoids elimination. Tomorrow is the Saturday episode, and it is the house review episode. Let’s see what occurs tomorrow in the house. Stay tuned for additional information.

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